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Download Instagram Stories Online For Free.

Instagram Story feature is the best way to share your mood, interesting content with all your friends and family. Here you can share images, videos, and many more. You can interact with your followers and friends with ease. So, people like to share stories on Instagram.

Sometimes, we want to download some stunning stories on our phone gallery. But the issue is, Instagram doesn't provide any option to download for offline view. Only you can Copy the link of each story.

That's why we are very excited to provide our great Instagram Story downloader tool with you. It is a web-based application that is very capable to download and save all stories on Instagram easily. You don't need to register on the site or pay for it. Insta Story is a completely free tool to get all the stories on your device.

Today we want to give the free Insta Story downloader tool and discuss all its benefits. Also, you going to know the process that you need to follow. If you want to download original quality Instagram Story of your friends then let's dive in.

Download Instagram Story Online - Insta Story Downloader

IgrmDownload offers a Story Downloader web tool where users can save all Insta Story with ease. There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms and billions of people actively use it. So, you get to see lots of unique and useful stories. But Instagram doesn't give you an option to download stories for offline use.

Our Instagram Story Downloader tool is supported on all devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PC. Only you need an internet browser and visit the URL. Then you only need to follow some steps to download stories on your device.

This Story Downloader is a super fast and easy-to-use web application. The cool thing is, you don't need to provide any Login ID or register on the site to use it. Only you need to visit the page and then give the username or story link. Then you are able to download the story for free.

How to Download Instagram Stories Easily?

Here we mentioned a step-by-step guide to download Instagram Stories easily. We try to make it as simple as possible and it supports all devices like Tablet, Android, iOS, PC, etc. Here it is.

Step 1: You need to view the story and copy the link or username.

Step 2: Open a browser and paste the username or story link that you copied on the text box.

Step 3: Tap on the blue download button and wait for the processing.

Step 4: Then you get to see the preview of all stories.

Step 5: Below each story, you get the download button. Click on the button and save the story on your device.

Advantages of Insta Story Downloader

There are lots of advantages of Instagram Story and our downloader tool. First, you can share your story on Insta by sharing photos, videos, text messages, Boomerang, wish happy-birthday, Gif, Ask questions, poll, countdown, even quiz. As you can see, there are lots of different ways and options are available for the story.

That's the reason, you get to see other users' story that looks pretty attractive. So, you may want to save or download them on your device. Here you can use our Instagram story downloader tool for free. The main advantage of this tool is, you can download any kind of story by providing the username of the user. Also, it is completely free and hassle-free use.

Can I Download Someone's Instagram Story?

Yes, you can download someone's Instagram story easily. Mainly we download other users' story right? So, the short answer is yes definitely you can by submitting the Url or username of the user.

How Can I Download Insta Story with Username?

We try to make this tool as simple as possible. So that we decide that users can download any Instagram story by providing the username. You only need to copy the username and then paste it on the Insta Story Downloader tool. Then tap on the download button and get the story.

Can I Download Private Instagram Story?

Yes definitely, you can easily download private Instagram stories with our downloader web application. Just put the username and click on the blue button. Then you get the preview of the story and download it on your phone gallery.

What is Instagram Story Downloader?

Insta Story Downloader is a web-based tool that allows you to download all kinds of Instagram Story on your device. Only you need to follow some essential steps and then you are able to get the story. It is a web application and supports almost of devices like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, etc.

Is Insta Story Downloader is free to Use?

Yes, Insta Story Downloader is completely free to use. You only need to visit the site on your device browser and then you are able to use all its features for free. is an educational purpose, this site is using information that is freely available on the web. This site has not any right to videos or photos in which you have downloaded the only right of respected users and all the copyright and trademark goes to them. Instagram and Instagram logos are trademarks and copyright of Meta.

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